Friday, May 28, 2010

Demo up, music links

Get the new XYX demo here!

From the readme:
NOTE: Outside of selecting them, I can take absolutely no credit for these songs whatsoever. 110% Respect to the original artists who made them! You are legends!

ALSO, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS GAME WITH ANY MUSIC FILES. If you decide to host this ZIP file somewhere else, that's fine, just don't repack it with music. It doesn't belong to me, nor does it to you.

song 1 (title) BASTILLE by Reverb

song 2 (level 1) SHOOTEMUP by Dr. Awesome

song 3 (level 2) Acronyme by Baroque

song 4 (unused)

song 5 (unused)

song 6 (unused)

song 7 (unused)

song 8 (boss) COOL CITY by Purple Motion

song 9 (stage clear) Soothsayer by Fleshbrain

song 10 (continue) Feedback by Necros/PM

Sunday, May 23, 2010

XYX Bosses - one down, one close

Most of my GM time this weekend was spent re-coding background stuff (what I had before didn't really allow for on-the-fly changes... who knew a simple looping background image could be such a pain in the ass?); but I made some headway on the bosses -

Torus - This image was actually done way back in Dec., I had a much more complex multi-sectioned boss in mind when I first drew it... you destroyed some part to reveal a gigantic beating heart! It's still fun to blow up in this simplified form, though.

Big Tiger - His third appearance (well, technically at least.) First in Blast Works (YXIII), in a much nastier form... and later as a mess of unfinished tiles in Dezaemon 2. The turret and part of the treads are inherited from D2; but only a few days old in Game Maker, he's already far more functional than he ever was it that...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeez...just when I think I think I'm catching up, I realize I've left out some basic feature.
Only recently added:

-Stage Clear evaluation/bonuses

I'm sure there's other stuff I've forgotten, so it's good to get the very, very basic stuff done with I guess. <_<

(XYX is progressing pretty good other than that.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Several updates..

XYX now uses GM Bassmod (pretty kickass little extension), so in the next demo, you'll be able to use whatever classic module/tracker songs you so desire via the ini file. This is mainly because I'm too lazy to try to get permission for any of the ones I'd actually like to use. I tend to gravitate towards those prestigious PC/Amiga demoscene ones, you see.

Also checkpoints... because I know how much people loooove those >_>