Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megatank Beta up for play!

 (Thanks goes to SSK for the video, as always.)

Here it is!

Feel free to leave any comments or bug reports here, on my thread at shmups, or on the game's thread at the GMC. Enjoy! :)

This is still the beta; but you can still purchase the EXE version directly from me for $2 if you like. The current version has some cool music by Raigon, which I couldn't include in the web version due to sound issues.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, I'm getting pretty close to finishing my first little GMHTML5 project. The final game will have 2 long "rounds" each consisting of 50 enemy waves and a boss battle. Clearing both rounds gives you an ending screen, naturally; but will also loop the game, setting the enemies' firing rate (and other adjustments) to their maximum from the start.

I'm planning on posting the HTML5 version wherever I can (feel free to recommend places) and I'm thinking about offering the surprisingly smoother and faster Windows EXE version for a buck or two as well. Speaking of that, whenever the premium edition of XYX is ready, the EXE version of Megatank will be included on the disc as a bonus. I'll probably have to dedicate part of the manual to it now, though. ;)