Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fire Arrow


This one started as a fun little side project trying to teach my friend GML; but soon got out of hand and became it's own game. It's a short, timed survival/caravan shmup that can be played in 3 or 5 minute modes. In 3 minute mode, you get roughly half the stage and 1 boss, while in 5 you have 2 bosses to fight.

The music isn't original to this game, I was lazy and just used some favorites from my tracker/module collection. As I haven't requested explicit permission to use any of these (I thought it might be ok since there's no pretense of selling this), I'll remove any or all of them upon request if necessary.


Cool City by Purple Motion
The Tiara by Solaris
1234 ROCK! by Yannis Brown
Marucombat by Maruku Buranu (Marc Brown)
Hyperdyne by Static
Acronyme by Baroque

The game will also look for songs (.mod/.s3m/.it etc.) in the music folder on startup, so feel free to use your own favorites instead. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Megatank EXE free now. :)

Figured it had been gathering dust too long, I decided I'd rather just have it more accessible and hopefully more people will be able to play it. Here it is.

Thanks to the few folks that actually bought it! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I was (again) thinking of methods for creating a cool DDP-like beam effect and ended up whipping up a silly little game not long after. :) I knocked it out in one night (tonight, actually), and it shows as it's easily my simplest game yet. There's basically no graphics to speak of, just blow up things with a giant rainbow laser beam of death. ENJOY.

As for other games, I'm waiting on a video converter box for my laptop so I can record footage via an external device (DVD/VCR etc.) without the messiness involved with direct screen capturing making things far more frustrating than they need to be. I plan to do one long demo reel with pretty much everything.

Monday, June 4, 2012



1 level, 3 selectable ships, and a new mode (Extreme) exclusive to this version. More detailed description @ Yoyo. Enjoy! ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

LAST CHANCE - browser shmup (demo)

1 level demo

Nothing fancy so far. The backgrounds, arrangement, and boss are all incomplete; but there's enough there to try out I think.

I picked the name solely because I was on the verge of giving up on GMHTML5 for this kind of fast action game. After finishing Megatank, I had tried a simple platformer and a Space Harrier style shooter; but neither ran at an acceptable speed in-browser. (Both will be eventually be released in EXE format for the same price as Megatank, though.)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New XYX demo

New demo (3 levels), bringing it up-to-date with features in the current (full) version such as 2P, TATE, key config, etc.

This also includes an unfinished version of the Level/Map Editor. I've chopped some stuff out to make it better match the demo content; but nothing that effects it's functionality. I'll probably put together some more detailed docs later; but here's a brief rundown on how to use it.

Within the editor:

MAP - This is strictly for assembling the graphic map for the level. Note that these will automatically loop. Also note that I've only tried fairly small maps so far.

LEVEL - Define enemy layout, checkpoints and hinge points (based on in-game step #), music, and background layer(s.)

Separate stuff:

-custom songs go in /custom/songs and must be in .ogg format (SuperSound limitation.)
- in levelbuild.txt, under [songs]:
-- fn#= (file name w/o directory)
-- tt#= (song title)
-- au#=(song author)

-custom gfx go in /custom/gfx
-  files must be in recognizable formats (any that GM will accept) and the image dimensions must match those of the sample images (160x54 I think)

- in custom_mapset.txt, under [titles]:
-- #= (custom gfx set name)
-- each added set should be given it's own section below this in [] brackets with the exact same name as that indicated under [titles] Underneath it should go...
---image#=(file name w/o directory)
---imagetrans?#=1 (for the corresponding image number, if you want that image to have a transparent color. The particular color is based on the bottom left pixel.)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megatank Beta up for play!

 (Thanks goes to SSK for the video, as always.)

Here it is!

Feel free to leave any comments or bug reports here, on my thread at shmups, or on the game's thread at the GMC. Enjoy! :)

This is still the beta; but you can still purchase the EXE version directly from me for $2 if you like. The current version has some cool music by Raigon, which I couldn't include in the web version due to sound issues.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, I'm getting pretty close to finishing my first little GMHTML5 project. The final game will have 2 long "rounds" each consisting of 50 enemy waves and a boss battle. Clearing both rounds gives you an ending screen, naturally; but will also loop the game, setting the enemies' firing rate (and other adjustments) to their maximum from the start.

I'm planning on posting the HTML5 version wherever I can (feel free to recommend places) and I'm thinking about offering the surprisingly smoother and faster Windows EXE version for a buck or two as well. Speaking of that, whenever the premium edition of XYX is ready, the EXE version of Megatank will be included on the disc as a bonus. I'll probably have to dedicate part of the manual to it now, though. ;)