Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Working on ZPF again, new Flying V demo soon..

Maybe it was just burnout from working on the same thing for so long (Flying V); but i started tinkering with ZPF again.

- Updated enemy bullet patterns. No more messiness, patterns screwing up once the enemy starts/stops moving.

- New sound effects (mostly from Kyutwo.com and Shockwave Sound.) The ones I had made in SFXR were generally fine until they all played at the same time..ugh.

- Options (into which the Enemy Test mode is embedded)

- Enemy Test is more configurable and up to date with FV's now. You can select variations on the current enemy's behavior/ movement patterns, how many times to loop, and number of steps between loops. (1 step = 1/60th a second)

- New Maximum Fire mode which replaces each weapon's previous level 3 setting. When the meter is visible (the flaming sword in the HUD), hold X to a fire a more powerful shot.
- You can now use all three ship variants I've made so far.

New FV demo coming soon, too.

I had to cut down some of the content of level 1, leaving stuff that could be added in other places. Basically, the demo will have 3 levels instead of 2 now, although they will probably be on the short side. I think I just need a few more enemy types to fill in the gaps that are there.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New music and Yoyogames.com troubles

Prepping to put in some new music (finally), Flying V now has tsg1zzn's Super Sound System installed. (I used the handy .gex extension version by Melcastro.)

I even cranked out a few cheapie test tracks in Garageband...hahaha. The one I made for the first boss actually came out kinda good, though, so it's probably staying. <_< Anyways, I know I don't get much traffic here; but I think it's worth mentioning anyways: YYG is apparently having some virus trouble, so be wary of clicking on any game links here for the time being.

Friday, August 13, 2010


*Finally* making some progress on level 2.

New snakes - they're more like the standard snakes you see in most shmups, where you can break off any body segment and see the 'skeleton' underneath.
New enemy - kill the little nasties and the ship flies off! :)

Other stuff :
- Green snakes are more interesting and fun now (ie they don't suck/aren't completely FUBAR)
- Enemy test mode added. You can adjust the time interval between enemy spawns and how many times the pattern loops.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Holy crap, key config!

Big deal, I know; but it is my first.