Friday, May 28, 2010

Demo up, music links

Get the new XYX demo here!

From the readme:
NOTE: Outside of selecting them, I can take absolutely no credit for these songs whatsoever. 110% Respect to the original artists who made them! You are legends!

ALSO, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS GAME WITH ANY MUSIC FILES. If you decide to host this ZIP file somewhere else, that's fine, just don't repack it with music. It doesn't belong to me, nor does it to you.

song 1 (title) BASTILLE by Reverb

song 2 (level 1) SHOOTEMUP by Dr. Awesome

song 3 (level 2) Acronyme by Baroque

song 4 (unused)

song 5 (unused)

song 6 (unused)

song 7 (unused)

song 8 (boss) COOL CITY by Purple Motion

song 9 (stage clear) Soothsayer by Fleshbrain

song 10 (continue) Feedback by Necros/PM

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