Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fire Arrow


This one started as a fun little side project trying to teach my friend GML; but soon got out of hand and became it's own game. It's a short, timed survival/caravan shmup that can be played in 3 or 5 minute modes. In 3 minute mode, you get roughly half the stage and 1 boss, while in 5 you have 2 bosses to fight.

The music isn't original to this game, I was lazy and just used some favorites from my tracker/module collection. As I haven't requested explicit permission to use any of these (I thought it might be ok since there's no pretense of selling this), I'll remove any or all of them upon request if necessary.


Cool City by Purple Motion
The Tiara by Solaris
1234 ROCK! by Yannis Brown
Marucombat by Maruku Buranu (Marc Brown)
Hyperdyne by Static
Acronyme by Baroque

The game will also look for songs (.mod/.s3m/.it etc.) in the music folder on startup, so feel free to use your own favorites instead. :)