Sunday, May 23, 2010

XYX Bosses - one down, one close

Most of my GM time this weekend was spent re-coding background stuff (what I had before didn't really allow for on-the-fly changes... who knew a simple looping background image could be such a pain in the ass?); but I made some headway on the bosses -

Torus - This image was actually done way back in Dec., I had a much more complex multi-sectioned boss in mind when I first drew it... you destroyed some part to reveal a gigantic beating heart! It's still fun to blow up in this simplified form, though.

Big Tiger - His third appearance (well, technically at least.) First in Blast Works (YXIII), in a much nastier form... and later as a mess of unfinished tiles in Dezaemon 2. The turret and part of the treads are inherited from D2; but only a few days old in Game Maker, he's already far more functional than he ever was it that...

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